Report: Homogenous Pop Culture Ball Expanding Faster Than Previously Thought

Important-looking scientists have confirmed that the Homogenous Pop Culture Ball is expanding at a faster rate than previously believed, putting several remaining discrete hobbies in serious danger.

The Homogenous Pop Culture Ball, which long ago consumed video games and recently expanded to swallow tabletop gaming, superhero movies and fast food, now looks on track to consume even more hobbies that previously had their own culture, behaviours and way of life.

According to a man with a clipboard and glasses, hobbies like prospecting, horology and woodworking are set to become Pop Culture if the Homogenous Ball continues on its current trajectory.

“We are currently advising Gaming, Tech, Cosplay, Gadget And Netflix journalists that they should prepare to become Gaming, Tech, Cosplay, Gadget, Netflix and Woodworking journalists, and to plan their content schedules accordingly,” said scientist Todd Sullivan.

“Anyone living in these subcultures should prepare to evacuate and move further normie. Please take only what you need and be sure to leave anything behind which you have attached part of your identity to.”

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