Anti-Censorship GamerGate Group Demands Removal Of Offensive Content

The extremely pro-free speech and anti-censorship group GamerGate has today demonstrated their strong moral commitment to those principles, by demanding that a developer remove something they find offensive.

GamerGater supporters have been expressing their outrage today at the inclusion of a single line of dialogue in Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear spoken by a minor, transgender NPC whose interaction with the player is completely optional.

“I’m sick of developers shoving their social justice shit down our throats like this,” insisted a GamerGate supporter, who spent three hours tracking down the single optional NPC so they could listen to the single completely optional line that they already knew would offend them after reading about it on Reddit.

“One transgender person in this entire game? Wow! Talk about pandering! Am I right!”

Developer Beamdog has been weathering a storm of outrage ever since GamerGate picked up on this entirely optional single line of dialogue, hunkering down as their store pages and forums are hit with a broadside of negative reviews.

“This game is entirely political now,” insisted one reviewer. “It’s 100% politics. When I first heard that they were shoving SJW shit down our throats I had to see it for myself. And now I have. On YouTube.  I deliberately searched out and watched a video of this single line of dialogue from an inconsequential NPC and now I’m mad. No, I haven’t played the game.”

“Congratulations on ruining a great franchise by bringing politics into it. I bet you’ll delete this post because you love to censor truth and logic that doesn’t fit your neo-puritan feminist agenda. Not me though — I’m extremely against censorship in any way, shape or form.”


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