You Won’t Believe What Those SJWs Are Outraged About Now

You know those SJWs — you know the ones, they’re always going on about something or other — well, they’re at it again, folks. And it’s unbelievable.

This time they’ve gone too far. I mean, wow. Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time?

I was just browsing Twitter or whatever when I saw this. They’d all been retweeting it in their little clique. Their little echo chamber. Their “safe space”. You know how it is, when these people get worked up about something.

I couldn’t believe it myself. I had to share it with you. I’m sure these people are just looking for things to be upset about. Christ, it’s like, get a grip, am I right? People are starving in other places which aren’t here, and you’re losing your shit over something like this?

Look, that’s enough from me. I could go on forever about this, haha! Take a look at this. I bet you’ll feel the same way I do: pissed off. Seriously, these crybabies!


Am I right??????

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