Incredible: This Veteran Gave Both Of His Legs So That The Video Game Industry Could Endlessly Glamourise His Suffering

World War 2 veteran Owen Luis doesn’t move very fast any more — he’s 97 years old and missing both his legs — but he’s still a proud patriot who knows that it will all have been worth it, if the video game industry can make a few more bucks from romanticising his hellish suffering.

“I remember seeing the German tank, one of the big Panzer 3’s, it came up over the rise and was heading straight for us,” Luis explained, his hands shaking with what we assume was an uncontrollable desire to relive those fantastic game-inspired action sequences.

“We were pinned down by enemy fire and we had nowhere to go. All we could do was sit and wait for this tank to come and crush us. It ploughed through Jeremy, over Mack, over Craig. They all died instantly. I remember the sound they made as their bones went through the treads, snapping like wet sticks. I screamed and passed out as both of my legs were pulped into bloody ruin. They told me I was the lucky one, but…”

He trailed off after that, but we’re pretty certain he was about tell us how the entire experience was valuable and rewarding ‘because of all the video games people would make about it’, probably.

At the time when Luis and his friends were screaming and dying in the mud far from home, the first video games were still decades off being invented. But this dedicated gamer always knew deep in his heart that it would take time for people to really understand how awesome and badass his suffering was.

After watching some footage of the upcoming Call of Duty: World War 2, Luis began to cry, likely with excitement. Even though the tablet screen he was holding didn’t have triggers to shoot with, he squeezed it tight anyway, his knuckles white with gaming enthusiasm.

However, despite how thankful he is to the video game industry for profiteering off his pain, Luis says he won’t be pre-ordering the next Call of Duty. “I’ll probably be dead  before the end of the year,” he mumbled, staring out the window.

Wow! Did any of your grandparents fight in the big video game plot device? Let us know in the comments section below!

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