Grandson Of WW2 Soldier Proudly Wears Grandpa’s Medals, Weed Spray, Wallhack

10 year-old Ollie Hamilton is today honouring his grandfather who served in World War II by wearing grandpa’s bravery medal, as well as installing grandpa’s wallhack mod and spray of a skeleton smoking a bong.

For young Ollie, wearing Grandpa Hamilton’s medals is a way to get closer to a distant figure he never knew, as well as to learn about how to blaze up. Ollie’s father however, just feels pride that young Ollie is continuing “the family tradition”.

“Dad came home from the war totally psyched at his KDR,” said Ollie’s father, Craig. “Sooo fuckin’ stoked about it.”

“I know Dad would have been amped to see Ollie wallhacking and lining up a headshot before the other guy even came around the corner. He’d be so proud.”

“I can just hear him now, screaming racist abuse. Not even the right race either, just any old thing that popped into his head. He was like that. Of course it was a different time back then, so I’m glad Ollie’s too young to understand that stuff.”

The gesture of family pride brought tears to the eyes of onlookers, who clapped as young Ollie solemnly practiced grandpa’s teabagging technique.

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