Nintendo Announces Super Nintendo Classic Mini Classic, Featuring The Super Nintendo Classic Mini’s Ten Best Games

Nintendo has today done the thing we just said that they did in the headline, announcing a smaller, cuter console for busy fans who only have time to play ten games.

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini Classic will feature Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Yoshi’s Island, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Metroid, Yoshi’s Island (again), EarthBound, Super Castlevania 4 Part 1, Super Castlevania 4 Part 2, and a third copy of Yoshi’s Island.

The new console was announced by Nintendo’s new president, Baron Graves, who showed the console off in a new Nintendo Direct released at the stroke of midnight.

Graves, who seized the company in what surviving insiders have described as a “savage coup”, believes that the Super Nintendo Classic Mini Classic is the next logical trend in console gaming. “There’s just no time”, Graves sighed. “When the spring hits, the night’s embrace becomes shorter and shorter.”

“This is a device for the modern gamer, whose days are busy…” he paused, checking his notes, “fattening themselves like a calf and successfully pumping blood through their heart.”

Nintendo has also announced the entry-level Super Nintendo Classic Mini Classic Lite, a smaller, worse version of the system that features just three games: Super Castlevania 4 Part 2, and two copies of Yoshi’s Island. It will retail for $10 less, and Graves described it, in a moment of broken composure, as the “perfect stocking stuffer” for “nasty little shits.”

Asked if there were any plans to release an N64 Classic Mini or an N64 Classic Mini Classic, Graves shrieked and burst into a swarm of bats.

Point & Clickbait was able to go hands-on with the device at an event shortly before the event, and after playing three of the games on offer – only two of which were Yoshi’s Island – we will be at our local EB Games tomorrow, salivating like dogs, desperately trying to force ourselves through the locked and barred doors before opening time, seriously hurting ourselves in a desperate bid to lay down the money for our preorders.

How excited are you to play through Yoshi’s Island again three times? Let us know in the comments!

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