Half-Life 2 Writer Confirms Half-Life 3 In Clear And Explicit Terms

Half-Life 3 has been absolutely and definitively confirmed today by Valve employee and Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw, who said that he “could not possibly say”.

“I do not and can not know what is happening with Half-Life 3,” explained Laidlaw, who therefore must be working on Half-Life 3.

“As I resigned some time ago, I am not privy to information on the game, and it would be inappropriate for me to comment. I really can not tell you anything,” he added, only confirming what we already knew: Half-Life 3 is definitely real and it’s coming.

“In conclusion, please stop asking me about Half-Life 3,” he said, blinking four times exactly, which as eagle-eyed readers have already spotted, is one more than three.

Valve have not commented on Laidlaw’s blockbuster leak except to say that they have “no comment”. The phrase “no comment” calculates numerologically using the Gematria system to ‘508’, and 8-0-5 = 3, which means of course that Half-Life 3 is on its way in 2016.

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