Straight Man Outraged To Learn He Is Welcome At Queer-Friendly Gaming Convention

Local straight man Doug Barnett was today “disgusted and infuriated” to be told he is welcome at GaymerX Australia, the queer-friendly gaming convention.

Barnett, who confided repeatedly in Point & Clickbait that he was “into chicks”, was blindsided when GX Australia invited him along to their convention.

“The whole thing is a joke,” said Barnett. “It’s like my sexuality didn’t even matter to these people.”

“I’m straight though,” he added.

GaymerX has come under attack by people who “don’t see sexuality” ever since its inception in the United States, with critics insisting that “making a big deal” about being inclusive and welcoming actually achieves the opposite somehow — in the same way that systemic racism and income inequality solved themselves once people stopped bringing them up.

Barnett agreed with these sentiments when questioned by Point & Clickbait, suggesting that queer gamers should just “come along to regular gaming conventions like normal people”.

“It’s like, just because I repeatedly use words like ‘faggot’ and ‘gay’ when I’m abusing people online, it doesn’t mean I hate gay people. They should come along and feel welcome, as long as they don’t ask me to apologise for my behaviour, or change in any way.”

“Anyway, when we said you should ‘go and make your own convention instead of just whining about it,’ we didn’t mean it literally.”

At the time of printing, Barnett was still debating whether or not he would attend GaymerX Australia in Sydney on February 27-28.

“I’m just not sure I’d be comfortable in an environment where everybody is constantly rubbing their sexuality in my face,” he concluded.

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