Warner Bros. Announces New Plan To Deal With Their Buggy PC Releases: Stop Releasing PC Games

After years of condemnation for their half-arsed, buggy PC releases, Warner Bros. have announced a bold, innovative new strategy that will prevent them from ever releasing a buggy PC game again: abandoning the PC market entirely.

“This is great news for our PC fans,” explained Warner Bros. CEO to Point & Clickbait. “We are announcing a total commitment to never releasing a buggy game on PC again. This is an absolute promise from us to you: no more buggy PC releases — ever.”

“Now this may sound like a lofty claim, but our new strategy is going to deliver. You can be confident about that.”

The news today is an escalation of Warner Bros. previous strategy for dealing with broken PC releases:  just not fixing them and hoping the problem will go away.

“That was working out pretty well for us for a while,” continued Warner Bros. CEO. “We got quite a few games out the door with that one.”

“But eventually people were beginning to wonder why games they paid full price for weren’t working, and our response of ‘we will no longer be providing support for this title’ just wasn’t testing well with the focus groups for some reason.”

“Hence today’s change. I’m really excited to see where this takes us.”

Fans of Warner Bros. broken PC games like Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat X aren’t so certain, confessing that they’d prefer it if the company just “did its fucking job”.

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