PewDiepie Hits Back At Disney: “Impressionable Children Love My Antisemitism And Rape Jokes”

Outraged free speech advocates are planning a boycott of Disney products today, after the children’s toy manufacturer decided that it might not be a good idea to have their brand associated with someone who regularly jokes about exterminating Jews.

YouTube megastar PewDiepie has lashed out at Disney for dropping him from their partnership deal, saying his viewership numbers clearly show that “young, impressionable children love to see videos where the punchline is ‘Hitler was right to murder all the Jews’.”

“Children love my show. They love it,” he explained in a follow-up video. “My young audience can’t get enough of my provocative content. Remember when I wrote and performed an entire song called ‘It’s Raping Time’? Children eat that shit up, and it’s exactly the sort of thing they should be exposed to.”

Disney’s refusal to partner their iconic princess lineup with a man who thinks rape is hilarious may yet prove to be a misstep, with at least one or possibly two reactionary gamers keen to punish the global megacorporation which essentially owns popular culture.

“I’m calling for an immediate boycott of all Disney and Disney-related products,” outlined an infuriated gamer.

“No Disney cartoons. No Marvel comics. Definitely no Marvel superhero movies. No, uh, no Star Wars movies,” he continued, faltering slightly as he began to scroll through a list of Disney investments and partnerships.

“No Hasbro stuff either, so no Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons. No McDonalds or Subway. Can’t shop at Target or use the Sprint phone network. Can’t play League of Legends. No, er. Hrm. Hmmmm.”

“Anyway, freedom of speech,” he concluded.

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