Game Journalist Bravely Posts Opinion Piece Slavishly Agreeing With Popular Reddit Thread

Members of an opinionated gaming subreddit were thrilled today to read a piece of innovative, ground-breaking games journalism which slavishly agreed with their outspoken views and was written specifically to pander to them.

“Finally, some REAL journalism around here,” explained one excited Redditor as they pawed feverishly through the piece, feeling a warm glow of satisfaction as their views were slowly validated.

“This is the investigative reporting this corrupt industry needs.”

The writer of the piece has been enjoying the positive reception, saying that it’s “gratifying” to know that “so many people value my opinion”.

“Stuff like this… it’s challenging. A lot of people think I just literally look at Reddit, see what people are upset about, and shit out some garbage that agrees with them in order to get quick hits.”

“I mean, yes, I do that. That’s a factual description of what I do each day. But I like to pretend that what I do is more difficult than writing thoughtful critiques of established trends and authorities. That’s what enables me to meet my own eyes in the mirror.”

Despite this, the author remained cautious that this deep and abiding respect for their skills as a journalist could not last.

“There are the same people who called me a ‘cuck’ and a ‘shill’ for something I wrote just yesterday, so, you know. Can’t be too careful.”

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