WoW Player With 17,823 Confirmed Kills To His Name Worried That Latest Expansion Might Cross A Moral Line

After 14 years of slaughtering enemy soldiers, random NPCs, wandering monsters and nearby wildlife, World of Warcraft veteran Darin Newman is wondering whether or not the latest quest lines are taking things a bit too far.

“Burning the World Tree? Massacring innocent civilians? I don’t know, man,” said Newman, who only minutes ago had viciously slaughtered a random group of gnomes that he found in the forest because he “hoped one of them would drop something good.”

“For me, when I was playing through the War of Thorns quest line and they made me walk through the burning village with all the dead civilians, I was like, damn, this is a bit much,” Newman said.

The WoW veteran explained that he needed to switch to one of his alts and go grind for a bit to calm down, finishing up a quest line where he exterminated an entire community of murlocs and stepped on their eggs.

“Oh nice, a new sword,” said Newman, pulling the ichor-stained weapon from the grip of a sentient creature.

Newman says that the moral questions raised by the War of Thorns quest line and the accompanying Sylvanas animation have had a real effect on him.

“I can’t concentrate when I go into the Warfronts anymore to do some PVP,” he lamented. “I used to be able to get maybe fifteen, even twenty kills,” said Newman, his face twisted with agony. “Now I can barely kill ten people with my bare hands, I’m so busy thinking about what this latest reveal means.”

“How can I think of myself as the hero after this?”

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