Discourse King! This Man Knew That Something Was Bad Ages Ago But You Only Just Noticed It Now, So He Wins Somehow

Reports coming in from various places that I’ve seen you online today suggest that you have just noticed something bad is happening and are, quite rightfully, upset by it. I understand that whatever the bad thing is must be very upsetting, and I’m sorry to stop you there, but listen, that bad thing? That has been happening for ages.

That’s right – I just won somehow, and that’s what’s important.

Yes, I get it, people are dying, or a big company is charging too much, or our basic human rights are being eroded or whatever. Of course they are! Nobody doubts that. But the big takeaway here is that I was aware of it before you were.

Now that I’ve told you this small piece of information, I’m sure you can agree that it was worth me pointing it out.

It’s unreasonable to expect that everybody can be aware of all things at all times. And yes, of course the bad thing that’s happening is, probably, very distressing. I personally hate it! I feel very strongly about it. I’m just as upset as you are, or maybe even more upset, if we’re comparing.

The key thing here however, is that regardless of my feelings, I was aware this was an issue for longer than you were. Oh, please don’t be upset with me. We have so much in common!

I’m just pointing out that the bad thing has been happening for a quite a while, and that I knew that, which is adding a lot to the conversation, I feel. There’s no strings attached here, I just thought it was really, really, really necessary to point that out.

Honestly, I thought you covered the issue really well, but you somehow forgot the key element, which was that other people (specifically me) were already aware of the issue before you were.

Anyway! I’m not trying to derail the discussion, so I’ll let you get back to it. My contribution has genuinely moved the whole discourse forward, so I’m quite happy for other people to take it from here.

Does the fact that the bad thing has been happening for a while and you only noticed it just now somehow diminish the validity of your emotions? Well, I’m not saying that. I mean, I’m certainly implying it, but I’m not saying it. What I am saying is that I was aware of it before you were, and I invite the reader to draw their own conclusions. Good luck with your little issue!

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