Cliffy B Eagerly Explains LawBreakers To Man In Next Toilet Stall

Local man Dennis Holloway remains stuck in his toilet stall today, paralysed by fear as game design luminary Clifford “Cliffy B” Bleszinski enters his 45th straight minute of explaining LawBreakers through the cubicle wall.

Holloway, who took the only unoccupied stall for what observers describe as “a peaceful lunchtime shit”, was surprised and taken aback when iconic game designer Cliffy B began describing his upcoming multiplayer FPS from the next toilet over.

Point & Clickbait understands that an enthusiastic Bleszinski, who seemed not to actually need to use the bathroom in any way, spent the first 30 minutes repeatedly outlining the core concept and explaining how the title ‘LawBreakers’ consisted of two parts: ‘Law’, and ‘Breakers’, which represented the two competing factions in the game.

“They’re called ‘Breakers’ because they ‘break’ the ‘law’, which you may remember, is the first part of the word ‘LawBreakers’,” Bleszinski explained, while a confused Holloway toyed with the idea of drowning himself in the toilet.

“Now, here’s where it gets interesting. The ‘Law’ are the good guys, and the ‘Breakers’? They’re the bad guys,” he continued.

At the time of writing Holloway had resigned himself to spending the rest of the night in the cubicle, ordering takeaway food to be delivered for himself and Bleszinski, who was in the middle of a frame-by-frame recap of the latest LawBreakers trailer.

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