Untitled Goose Game Under Fire After Goose Revealed As Anti-Vaxxer

The adorable antagonist of Untitled Goose Game is today dodging questions and rolled-up newspapers, after an investigation into the goose’s Reddit posting history revealed links to prominent anti-vaccination groups.

The goose, most recently famous for terrorising a harmless and peaceful village on a beautiful day, reportedly spends its down time spreading misinformation about the dangers of vaccines and chasing small children away from doctors clinics and hospitals, often stealing their glasses and toys in the process..

One post, briefly seen by Point & Clickbait before the aggravated bird stole our phone, ran away through the village green and then dropped it into a canal, showed the goose honking wildly in support of dangerous new legislation which would make it legal for parents to refuse to vaccinate their children.

These shocking revelations have raised concerns among local residents that perhaps the goose, who once appeared to be harmlessly stealing hats and shoes, as well as committing the occasional bit of tax fraud, could be a danger to the community.

“Well, shit,” said one pleasant old lady, a look of mild concern on her face as she held the deranged goose at arms length while it screamed and hissed, its beak snapping only inches away from her vulnerable eyes.

For his part, the mayor of this peaceful village (who spoke to us while valiantly trying to return his garbage into the bin that the goose had been repeatedly upending all morning) insisted that the goose was welcome to remain in town, “as long as it stops pecking the words ‘down with big government’ onto my lawn each night.”

When contacted for comment, the goose honked wildly and flapped its wings, causing this reporter to stumble and hit himself on the face with a garden rake.