Meanings Of Words Change Over Time, Says Man Who Thought About Meaning Of Word For First Time Yesterday

Local man and prominent streamer Ricky “r1xxx” Arnold has spoken out against a recent 30-day Twitch ban, claiming that his description of the entire enemy counter-terrorist team as “a bunch of gay fags” was “not intended to be offensive.”

“The meanings of words change over time,” explained Arnold in a reflective series of follow-up tweets. “For example, people have called me ‘thoughtless,’ ‘offensive,’ and ‘irresponsible,’ in my use of language.”

“What these people don’t understand is that the meaning of those particular words has changed, specifically in the last five minutes since I was banned.”

Twitch support have confirmed that they are now reviewing r1xxx’s ban, after the streamer submitted an appeal claiming that he “genuinely believed the opposing team were (…) a bundle of sticks as per the popular usage in the late 1800s or a British meatball commonly made of pork offal, whatever u reckon is good (sic).”

Community members have weighed in on the debate, with prominent esports historian and commentator Jared “j82” Logan saying that there was a “strong case” to be made that “the Founding Fathers intended for someone like Ricky to be able to call the enemy team gay fags.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that when the Constitution was first drafted, it was specifically intended to tackle the kind of thought tyrants who would seek to stop a man from expressing controversial ideas,” said Logan. “Specifically the controversial idea that all of his opponents are homosexuals.”

“Only a jew would think otherwise.”

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