Our Favourite Video Game Moments From Game Of Thrones Or Whatever


Wow! Did you all see the recent season finale of Game Of Thrones, the popular television show which ranks highly in search engine results? It’s like some of the characters are the ones from popular video games!

Here’s our Top Five times that Game Of Thrones was like a video game!


We Absolutely Can’t Even The Time That Jon Snow Was Revealed To Be Master Chief

This is one departure from George R. R. Martin’s books that we didn’t see coming! Master Chief had been quietly working away in the background for the past three seasons, but nobody was expecting him to take off his helmet and reveal Jon Snow, the actor from Game of Thrones. Wow! Does this explain that thing with his parents or what??


That Scene Where Tyrion Lannister Ate A Mushroom And Got Really Big Was Everything

There’s nothing funnier on prime-time TV than when something changes size, and when Mario popped up during the Lannister house renovation auction and forcibly crammed mushrooms into a stunned Tyrion’s mouth we knew that things were about to pop on Game Of Thrones! Watching the enormous Tyrion stumble clumsily around, crashing through his freshly renovated pergola and pre-weathered faux-antique dresser was as heartbreaking as it was entertaining.


The Twist Where Hodor Was An Elcor From Mass Effect? We Did Not See That Coming

Surprised: Who could have seen this coming. Hodor’s role as unpaid labourer to the whims of a spoiled child was always a powerful reminder of the need to crush the ruling elite, but it was when Hodor asked Bram if he was willing to trade 3,000 credits for a shipment of pulse rifles that we realised HBO were really raising the bar this season. Elated: Nailed it.


Spoiler Warning: Melisandre Took Off Her Necklace And She Transformed Into A Mint Condition Neo-Geo

HBO had been dropping a few hints that powerful sorceress Melisandre was secretly a mint condition 1991 Neo Geo home console, but they were subtle, and a lot of people didn’t pick up on them. We certainly didn’t, which is why that incredible scene took so many of us by surprise. Another absolutely seamless video game reference from the writers at HBO. Incredible.


We Are Incapable Of Believing That Daenerys Defeated The White Walker By Capturing Him In A Pokeball

After a long and intense five episode battle, the absolute last thing that we were expecting was for our KWEEN! Daenerys to pull out a Pokeball and throw it at the damaged King of the White Walkers, capturing him inside. We held our breath as the Pokeball bounced once, twice, three times — but the arcane circuitry of this spherical prison held, and the White Walker was trapped forever inside, just like in the video game Pokemon which this is a reference to.

Wow! Did we miss any more video game references in Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below!

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