Local Dota 2 Player Unsure If His Love-Hate Relationship With Game Can Survive Love-Hate Relationship With Paid Subscription

Local Dota 2 player Dexter Hamilton  has greeted the news of a paid subscription service for the game with some misgivings, suggesting that he may not have enough time to get into another frustrating love-hate relationship.

“Fucking hell, this is going a bit far isn’t it,” explained Hamilton, his brow furrowed with concern as he browsed the features available to paying Dota 2 Plus subscribers. “On the other hand, $3.99 is very reasonable,” he added thoughtfully.

Like many Dota 2 players, Hamilton is worried that he simply doesn’t have room in his life right now for another product that makes him simultaneously want to rip his own face off and staple it back on at the same time.

“I already uninstall the game in a fit of rage every Wednesday night, guaranteed,” said Hamilton. “Then, somehow, I have it reinstalled by Friday ready for the weekend. I’ve really got the technique down just right, being able to keep the self-loathing at simmering levels while still solo queuing and laddering like a maniac.”

“A subscription sounds like a lot of simultaneous resentment and sunk-cost bargaining I’d need to make with myself, honestly. I’m really overloaded with that already.”

When contacted, Gabe Newell explained that while he was sympathetic to Hamilton’s plight, it was important to “keep things in perspective”.

“For example, I have a love-hate relationship with all 30-odd million Steam subscribers,” the CEO explained. “You don’t see me complaining.”

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