Ubisoft Releases Annual Cryptic Bullshit About Beyond Good & Evil 2

Right on schedule, Beyond Good & Evil series creator Michael Ancel has once again posted some more cryptic bullshit hinting at the possibility of a sequel to the beloved series.

The contextless piece of art/text (delete as applicable) has sent fans into overdrive, thrilled by the possibility of a payoff for their years of torment.

Series fan Pete Hunter welcomed the “news”, saying that it set his pulse racing, “just like it does roughly this time every year”.

“This is going to be the year,” said Hunter, the tightening around his eyes the only sign of his desperation. “I can feel it. 2016 is the year, or definitely 2017 at the latest.”

But Kate Ramos, another fan of the series, feels differently.

“Release me from this unending hell,” croaked Ramos, the words like a whisper on the desert wind between her parched and cracked lips.

“Each fruitless rumour wrenches me back once more against my will from the brink of death, just as I am about to finally depart this cage of flesh. I crave the sweet release of death.”

Hard-hitting stuff from Kate there. Do you think Ubisoft is making Beyond Good & Evil 2? Sound off in the comments section.

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