Pokemon Go Server Stability Issues Continue As Server Admins Too Busy Catching Pokemon

Players of the global smartphone phenomenon Pokemon Go have vented their frustrations today at Niantic Labs staff, who were seen frolicking through a local park in search of magic monsters to catch while the servers they were supposed to be monitoring crashed repeatedly.

“Holy shit! A Nidoran!” shouted one excited Niantic Labs server admin, unable to see the angry scowl from a gamer two blocks away who had been logged out of her account seven times in a row and then forced to pull the battery out of her phone after it froze.

Point & Clickbait understands that a smile of childlike joy and simple happiness spread slowly across the Niantic Labs staff member’s face as they watched an Oddish appear in their back garden, oblivious to what was unfolding one hundred metres down the road, where a gamer violently kicked over a trash can in frustration as unrelenting server lag caused them to lose a gym battle at a critical moment.

Niantic Labs did not return requests for comment, with an automated message on their office phone advising callers that “oh my god, did you guys see that there is a gym just across the road?” and “I reckon we can just duck out for a bit, nobody will notice”.

At the time of writing, Niantic Labs staff were last seen high-fiving each other after one of them successfully nabbed a Venusaur with a curve ball, while behind them smoke billowed out of an upstairs window of their office.

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