No Man’s Sky Creator Sean Murray’s Five Most Outrageous Lies

Ever since No Man’s Sky launched, people have been wondering — what the fuck is this? This isn’t what I was promised!! Sean Murray promised me very specific things before the game launched, ensnaring me in his tower of lies, milking my pre-order money from my wallet with his honeyed words.

For his part Murray has gone silent, retreating into his den of deception and buying a house on the beach with his thick wads of stolen cash. But he can’t hide from the truth!!!! We’ve picked his most outrageous lies and collected them here for you. Read on and get outraged at this lying liar man!


Where Is The Space Dick, Murray

Can you believe the “lame-stream” media let Murray get away with this one? Are they even now secretly exploring Murrary’s cosmic cock? We must get to the bottom of this.


Divorced…. From The Truth

Here’s some more hot air from Sean “The Monster” Murray. How am I supposed to act on my feelings of planetary passion when Murray’s misdeeds are standing in the way?


Show Us The Planets

Surely even Murray didn’t expect us to buy this one!! If these planets are real then why do my letters keep being returned by the postal service unopened? Another disgraceful deception. I won’t stand for it!!


3…. 2… 1…. LIES

I’ve been to 77 different planets in No Man’s Sky and nobody is willing to race me at all. Apparently my car is “a real piece of shit” and I should “think twice about comin’ round here again”??? It’s absolutely outrageous that Murray was able to get away with this lie.


I Can’t Believe Sean Murray Definitely Said These Exact Words

This is the worst one of all! It’s like Hitler said, “if you tell a lie that’s a big one, and say it a lot, you get me to pre-order ten copies”. Absolutely sickening stuff. Sean Murray must answer for his crimes at the Hague.

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