Skyrim’s Poorest Fear For Future As Landlords Raise Rents On Newly HD Textured Housing

The poorest members of Skyrim’s community are worried that they may soon be forced out of house and home, with landlords using the upcoming Special Edition remastering as an excuse to raise rents.

“I don’t care if the whole place is going to be decorated in crisp, next-generation textures,” explained Ji’arr, a Khajit farmer on the outskirts of Whiterun. “I can’t afford another increase.”

“I saw my landlord advertising my house for rent, putting up posters promoting the new interior lighting effects, gushing about the way god rays filter through the leaves of the nearby monster-infested forest. It’s outrageous.”

Tullandrus Fevelliun, an Imperial merchant and renter of a modest shithole in the poor quarter of Solitude, agrees. She’s worried that landlords are looking to capitalise on the lucrative adventurer market, driving a wave of gentrification that will see her and her family on the street.

“The economics simply aren’t there. It’s not sustainable,” commented Fevelliun as she used every single gold coin she owned to purchase 450 different helmets from a passing adventurer.

“How am I supposed to feed my family?”

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