Haha, Nice: We Speak To The Team Behind Ubisoft’s Incredibly Forced Multiplayer Banter

With E3 2018 fast approaching, Ubisoft fans are hanging out for one thing and one thing only – the chance to listen to some incredibly forced banter during a multiplayer demo. Now the team behind this iconic cringeworthy dialogue say they are working hard to make this year’s effort the best yet.

“The reveal of The Division 2 is a big time for us,” explained UbiBanter team member Elsa Kennedy to Point & Clickbait during a break in their gruelling training schedule.

“Everyone’s going to be listening out, so we can’t afford to slip up. When my character finds a new rifle and I say ‘Wow! An M40 assault rifle with a tactical night scope and custom stock! That’s just want I need to improve my KDR,’ I need to make sure I come across like I myself am being held at gunpoint, or the fans simply won’t believe it.”

Elsa shows us around the training house where the UbiBanter team are living together while they prepare for the demonstration. The team all refer to each other by their full names, making it a point of pride to insert them into every conversation in a way that a normal human being would never do.

In one corner of the loungeroom, UbiBanter team member Ervin watches his colleague Robert playing the game. After Robert makes a difficult kill on a camoflagued sniper, Ervin thoughtlessly slaps him on the back and enthusiastically shouts “Great shot, Rob,” sending the whole room into an icy silence.

“I didn’t mean to…. I didn’t mean to mean it,” sputters Ervin. The humiliated Ervin is ordered away into the basement to make penance by saying “Haha!” over and over again until it has no meaning, while two others have to restrain a livid Elsa from attacking him with a chair.

The team is clearly under a great amount of pressure, but they’re pulling together and are promising the fans a show to remember.

“We’re going to come out of this better and stronger than ever,” insists Robert, still looking faintly embarassed. “You guys up for some games tonight?”

“Hell yeah, I hope we get an epic drop!” replies Elsa, grinning wider than a normal human mouth could possibly stretch.

“Haha,” Robert adds.

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