Rockstar Forced To Announce Red Dead Redemption 2 After Intern Accidentally Changes Company Logo

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been officially announced at a last-minute press conference this morning, with CEO Sam Houser saying the game would be an “exciting opportunity to make good on the fact that intern Jordan turned the logo red and made everyone think we were doing it anyway”.

Houser, who spent a large portion of the conference glaring angrily at a flustered-looking young man in an employee t-shirt, outlined that Red Dead Redemption 2 would have “cowboys… horses… guns. Definitely going to have guns.”

“The main character will be Johnny, uh… Six-Guns,” said Houser, while behind him several employees winced.

“He’s a, uh… bobcat… rustler, and… (Houser paused to glare again at the young intern) will have six… guns,” he concluded lamely. “Also, intern Jordan is fired.”

By the time the conference had concluded, Red Dead Redemption 2 had been pre-ordered more than seven million times.

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