Buggy, Pre-Release Game Somehow Stabilises Long Enough For IGN To Secure Exclusive Footage Of It

Blockbuster games journalism outlet IGN has used its magic powers to stabilise yet another buggy pre-release game, causing waves of excitement and relief among games journalists from other, less influential outlets, who were told the game was “too unstable” for them to record footage.

“It’s a miracle,” explained the PR representative for the game. “It’s amazing how definitely buggy and rough this game was when everyone who wasn’t IGN tried to take footage of it. But as soon as IGN came along… wow, it just cleared right up! And we chose to reward them with exclusive footage, which they will show to their massive audience, which seems only fair.”

“I wish we could have given these other, smaller games outlets the same level of access that we’re giving IGN and their massive audience, but as we explained, the game was just too rough and buggy until several minutes ago when IGN walked into the room.”

“I’m just glad IGN came along when they did,” enthused a games journalist who worked for a smaller outlet with barely a tenth of the reach and audience of IGN. “With launch only two weeks away, I was worried that there was no way the game was going to be ready in time!”

“Thankfully, IGN were able to come in and fix everything up and make the game run smoothly at last. I’m sure the game developers, who incompetently left loads of bugs and glitches in their gold, final version of the game, will be grateful as well.”

Unfortunately, the game instantly became buggy and broken again as soon as IGN were finished playing it, much to the disappointment of other games journalists who had hoped to record footage of the now-working product for their audiences.

“It’s a shame, but what can you do,” outlined the game’s PR handler, unconcerned by the wildly unstable nature of the product they were representing.

“I guess that’s technology for you.”

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