Disney Fires Disney After Discovering Extremely Racist Old Disney Cartoons

Disney has taken the unprecedented step of firing Disney after shocking footage of older, extraordinarily racist Disney animations was uncovered.

A social media firestorm was kicked off this week when it was revealed that Disney produced a number of animations during the 1930’s, 1940’s and even as late as the 1990s, which were filled with offensive content.

In one now-deleted animation titled Mickey’s Mellerdrammer, the Disney employee Mickey Mouse is seen putting on blackface before performing a rendition of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

Other outrageous content includes a little known animation called Lady and the Tramp, where Disney shows a pair of evil ‘Siamese’ cats who speak broken English, have crooked teeth, and sing a song with the lyrics “Shanghai, Hong Kong, egg foo young / Fortune cookie always wrong.”

Disney was quick to condemn Disney for the racist animations, saying that “this kind of racism has no place in the Disney of today.”

Accordingly, Disney has removed Disney from Disney, effective immediately. Disney has not provided a statement on who will be taking over from Disney.

The news of Disney’s firing has been celebrated by far-right conspiracy bloggers, with one prominent figure suggesting that Disney has “spent decades lulling the people into believing that talking mice are fictional, rather than the real and terrifying threat of the homosexual rat-kin who live in our sewers, fattened and swollen on runoff hormones from transgender schools.”

“Now that Disney is out of the way, the public can finally be educated on the truth.”

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