Trump’s 4,389th Horribly Racist, Awful Thing The Last Straw For The Entertainment Software Association

The peak body for the video game industry has issued a scathing, no-holds-barred condemnation of President Trump, who finally went too far after more than a year of openly horrific, disgusting cruelty and racism.

“The President’s repulsive description of some African nations as ‘shitholes’ undermine the fundamental values of who we are as a society,” explained an ESA spokesperson late last week.

“All of the stuff he did prior to these comments was neither here nor there, but his latest stuff? Unacceptable.”

The strongly-worded statement sends a clear message to the embattled President Trump – if he wants to keep the video game industry on side, he better watch himself.

“We were happy to give him the benefit of the doubt when he was openly stacking the Supreme Court with right-wing racists, replacing White House staff with his own family members, molesting women, appointing literal neo-Nazis to high ranking White House positions, dismantling climate protection legislation, condemning millions of America’s poorest to a slow and agonising death by gutting their healthcare, deporting innocent immigrant children, issuing unilateral travel bans on anyone with brown skin, cheating on his wife dozens and dozens of times with various porn stars, edging the country closer to nuclear war, endorsing the Ku Klux Klan, supporting a pedophile for public office and publicly urging the assassination of his political opponents,” explained the ESA in a highly principled, unwavering voice.

“However there is absolutely no place in our society for racist remarks about Haiti and other African nations,” thundered the ESA. “The President’s latest comments, and only those comments, bring shame upon us all.”

The ESA spokesperson added that although they condemned the President’s racist remarks in “the strongest possible terms”, they would be happy to condemn them in slightly softer terms if the President was willing to reduce company tax rates by another 5%.

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