Real Life Fallout 1st Controversy? This Rich Person Enjoys Secure Housing And Owns More Things Than You

In a strange new case of life imitating art, local CEO Hent Zentley has been spotted entering his own private, secure manor house and browsing his large collection of personal items while his workers struggle to get ahead in life – just like the difference between Fallout 76 players who take out a Fallout 1st subscription and those who don’t! Wow!

It’s not clear how Zentley, 36, who inherited his plastics manufacturing company from his father, managed to so accurately replicate the Fallout 76 paid subscription controversy – but we’re just glad to see that so many people are openly embracing gaming culture.

Incredibly, Zentley has also managed to perfectly recreate the unlimited fast travel options available to Fallout 1st subscribers, with some kind of non-gamer device he calls “a private jet”. Astonishing!

Local gamers aren’t the only ones sitting up and taking notice of this amazing coincidence – Zentley’s employees can’t stop talking about the fact their boss “owns several houses,” “drives an expensive Ferrari,” and “doesn’t need to rely on food stamps”. It’s so exciting to see how much gaming speaks to everyone, no matter how many crippling medical bills they do or don’t have.

Speaking to Point & Clickbait, Zentley told us that he had “no idea what the fuck Fallout 86 or whatever is,” but immediately followed up with some unsolicited advice about how the value of hard work and a “winner’s mindset”.

“Again, I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, but I will say this – success is all about the passion and the dedication, and also the hard work, and on top of that, also the passion,” explained the accidental gamer. 

“Any one of my workers, provided they don’t join a union of course, can have a – what did you call it? A private server? Yes I suppose my butler could be described as a server. I suppose that’s true,” he concluded, before having us arrested for trespassing.

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