Disgraced Developer Able To Work Again After Being Forgiven By Random Twitter Asshole

After six months of soul-searching, controversial developer Arnold Snaps is finally nearing the end of his redemption arc, having finally been forgiven by an online stranger.

Last year, Snaps was exposed for running “what was essentially a sweatshop” to complete his game Blood Drive: The Drive for Blood. According to a tell-all expose that was published hours before the game released on Steam, Snaps “withheld bathroom breaks” from his employees, paid “below minimum wage”, was “abusive and mean”, and would often “show up for work drunk and spend the afternoon waxing his balls in the shared bathroom” during the eighteen months of continuous crunch that the game was developed under.

But while Snaps was forced to step down after the report – and spend four months in prison for what he described as “unrelated deeds” – he has today announced his return to game development, having finally been forgiven by some Twitter rando with 38 followers.

Snaps took to his blog, Snap’s Crackle & Poop, to explain the jubilation he felt at finally being given the all-clear to return to the world of game development by “some guy”. In the post, which ran for 250 words and contained an unusually high number of very specific threats, Snaps thanked Twitter user ‘Cheetos Bandit’ for his vindication, and for the tweet that marked his forgiveness:

“I’m over the moon”, Snaps told us on the phone, before immediately needing to take another call from his divorce lawyer. When we called him back later, Snaps said that this was “the forgiveness I have long deserved”, that he was “keen to get back to making great games for true gamers”, before hanging up and posting a series of tweets in which he accused us of being “journalist cucks”.

Cheetos Bandit, meanwhile, is pleased to see Snaps return to work on the basis of his forgiveness. “I knew that if I forgave him, he’d feel comfortable coming back”, he told us. “We’ve never interacted, but I had absolute confidence that my personal feelings on this matter were important”.

Asked if he had anything else he’d like to say, Cheetos Bandit asked if we could include a tag on our story asking Hannah Flannigan if she would “go to prom with him”, as he has “had a crush on her for the longest time”. We contacted Hannah, and she confirmed that Cheetos Bandit, real name Hector Beanmeyer, is “a fucking idiot” and that she’s “obviously already going with Ken, her long-term boyfriend”.

More on this story as it develops.

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