Lazy No Man’s Sky Developers Finally Get Around To Turning On ‘Make Game Good’ Switch In The Code Or Whatever

Nearly two years after it first released, the incredibly lazy developers at Hello Games have finally bothered to open up their fucking computers and set the ‘make_game_good’ variable in the code of the game to ‘true’.

Point & Clickbait understands that lead developer Sean Murray finally decided to make the game good after accidentally turning on his computer for the first time in two years and saying “Oh, haha, yeah, shit, that thing.”

The sudden decision to make the game good after two years of doing absolutely nothing has baffled experienced game development critics, who made their disappointment vocal.

“Astoundingly, these developers chose to allow No Man’s Sky to launch with ‘make_game_good’ set to ‘false’, a disgusting oversight which really speaks volumes about their work ethic,” commented Boyd ‘IQ_L0rd’ Ellis on his YouTube channel.

“It’s now abundantly clear that they toggled ‘make_game_good’ to ‘true’, filmed the trailer, and then turned it off again before shipping the final product,” Ellis continued.

Other game developers have now taken the lesson to heart, with one un-named AAA developer confirming to Point & Clickbait that they were triple-checking their own title, slated for a holiday release this year, to make sure that they kept that particular variable toggled on.

“When you’re working on a big project like this, it’s easy to forget the fundamental rule of game development: ensure the ‘make_game_good’ flag is set to ‘true’,” said the source.

“Every game engine is the same and they all work exactly like this. That’s why it’s so easy to forget. Thankfully Hello Games can serve as a warning to us all about what to do.”

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