Review: Pressing Button Make Number Go Up

Games can offer a sweeping variety of breathtaking experiences. When you fire up a game, you never know whether you’ll be creeping through a forest hiding from the rattling bones of the undead, or flying through space, hot on the tail of an intergalactic warlord.

One thing is for certain, however: pressing button make number go up.

Quite simply, nothing beats the pleasure of pressing button and watching number go up. With the current CPU and graphics power available in this generation of machines, today’s numbers are breaking all kinds of new grounds in the areas of going up.

Whether you want your numbers to go up slow, or you want them to go up fast, there’s a button for you out there. The market is full of all kinds of buttons, from big AAA buttons with a team of thousands of developers focused on making number go up, to small indie buttons where the number go up but quirky.

Although we were initially skeptical about the need for yet another button which make number go up, once we started hammering button, it was clear that, once again, number go up. Instantly, we were hooked.

Last year’s prequel had a bit of a mixed reception. Some hardcore buttoners like myself praised the chance to look into the history of the numbers and how they got this big in the first place, while others said that they really felt like the numbers simply weren’t big enough to make the button presses worth it.

Fortunately, the button builders were listening – those numbers are back, and they’re bigger than ever. If you haven’t pressed the button yet, now is the time to start.

It’s fair to say that button which make number go up is going to be very familiar to fans of the series, so if you’ve already got those high numbers, you’re going to want to tune in to see where those numbers go next. Is it up? No spoilers, but let’s just say this: it’s not down.

What’s really good about button this time around is that you can press button, or not press button, at any time. There’s a ton of options for everyone from dedicated buttoners who need to hit those big digits, to the casual person who just wants to see the number go up a few times and then get back to work.

You’re in control of your own experience, with button that make number go up. Maybe you want to press button and make number go up on the train, or on the bus, or even from the comfort of your own couch? There’s no excuse for not making number go up anymore, so get pressing button! Number isn’t going to go up on its own!

With massive CGI budgets and top-notch voice acting, games are now more than capable of giving us touching, emotional stories that are just as good as any Hollywood film. This time around, I found myself completely enraptured by the complex cast of characters, and each time the cut-scenes ended and I was back in control of button, you better believe I started hammering it, harder than ever.

It’s true that at times the story did ring a bit hollow, and more than once I felt that I was being railroaded into a location where I could press button and make number go up. Ultimately however, as long as number go up when I press button, I can overlook these kind of small flaws.

All-in-all, I started pressing button hoping that it would make number go up, and it absolutely did, so I pressed button some more and number continued to go up. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who likes to see number go up.

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