Dude Huge Is BACK! Cliffy B Spotted Duct-Taping A Chainsaw To A Guitar

Creative auteur and genius Cliff Bleszinski appears to have shaken off his post-LawBreakers creative drought, spotted in his backyard today duct-taping a chainsaw to one of his guitars and grunting thoughtfully, occasionally stopping to stretch his back and check Twitter.

In what critics that look suspiciously like The Bleszink wearing a fake moustache that is becoming unglued from all the sweat glistening on their face are calling “epic”, Dude Huge appears to have now picked up his guitar chainsaw and is swinging it back and forth as he makes “vroom vroom” noises and barks excitedly.

If sources are to believed, The Big Red Dog himself is well on the way to pitching a new series based on the new weapon, which he calls “Shredder”. It is unclear whether the bigger, better, and more badass Bleszinski was referring to the weapon or the series when he shouted the word “Shredder!” and karate kicked a nearby tree, but one thing is for sure: hell to the yes.

After the difficult launch of LawBreakers and a “gnarly” period of self-reflection following its shut-down, many feared that The Large Boi Cliff might end up leaving the game industry for good. However, with Bleszinski now reportedly listening to thrash metal at top volume and kicking in the drywall, things might just be about to turn around for the man critics are referring to as “more virile than ever”.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who personally reached out to Cliffy during his creative slump to tell him that “he had the wrong number” and was “trying to order some take-out”, told Point & Clickbait that he would be keen to hear any new game pitch from Dude Huge, or really “any other oversized men”.

“The larger the better,” Sweeney added thoughtfully, before asking for an order of honey chicken and special fried rice.

Randy Pitchford also reached out, inexplicably, to assure us that he was available for comment.

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