Incredible: This Massive YouTube Phenomenon Conclusively Proves That You Feel Really Old

Massive 14 year-old YouTube star TheREALjames, who has 4.7 million followers, and fellow 16 year-old YouTube sensation MMMG, who has 5.2 million followers, are about to shatter records today with an incredible new launch of some big fucking thing which will really remind you that you don’t understand any of this and you feel about 100 years old.

The incredible, innovative team-up, described as a “grudge collab awareness activation post mix crash” or something because you spaced out halfway through the first sentence, is set to shatter records with a viewership larger than you would have ever believed possible for online videos, christ, what happened to you, you used to be cool.

TheREALjames issued a diss-track/callout-statement to MMMG ahead of the event, posing on the hood of one of his cars which costs more than your house that to say that “MMMG better know what’s up.” For his part, MMMG retweeted the statement and added several “laugh cry” emojis to the end of it, which only infuriated you more because you were pretty sure you understood those and now you just don’t fucking know anymore.

Tickets to the event are selling for how much, fucking hell, really, and actually they already sold out because of course they did. Observers expect that this unprecedented popularity could usher in a new age of similarly baffling performances, which would frankly be bad news for you as you, as you just got a handle on how streaming works.

At the time of writing, you were still staring into the ceiling above your cubicle and trying desperately not to cry.

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