Great Heated Moments In Gaming History

YouTube superstar Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg was under intense pressure over the weekend, during a high-stakes game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The pressure was so great that when things started to go badly, this poor non-racist YouTuber suddenly lost all control and immediately, angrily blurted out an extremely racist slur.

PewDiePie isn’t alone — with the stakes so high, deeply personal failings have never been so forgivable. In fact, heated gaming moments have caused some of the most famous events in gaming history. Let’s take a look.

1. Talk about a slip of the tongue!

After missing an easy dodge in Dark Souls and being slain by a capra demon, gamer Ruben Morrison was furious. Throwing his controller aside, Morrison stormed into the garage, picked up a can of paint and a ladder, and painted a 25-foot swastika on his Jewish neighbour’s roof. Wow! An easy mistake that anybody could make, and certainly something the non-racist Morrison would never normally do.

2. We’ve all been there!

During a nailbiting decider match on stage at the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive World Championships, pro gamer Jorge Townsend missed the kill shot by a centimetre, costing his team the game and $250,000. Understandably, the normally non-racist Townsend immediately tore his shirt off and began to throw buckets of pig’s blood at the other team, yelling at them to “go back where you come from” and “stop polluting our bloodline with your filth”. It’s crazy the things we say when the pressure is on!

3. Should’ve kept your cool!

Streamer and non-racist Megan Hines was about to swoop in for a five-man rez as Mercy in Overwatch when a carefully placed Widowmaker shot killed her instantly, causing the team to drop the payload. Hines was seeing red and no mistake! She held down her voice chat button and absolutely let rip, ordering an immediate drone strike on an Afghan wedding party. Talk about an awkward silence!

4. It could happen to anyone!

Apoplectic with fury after failing a Super Mario 64 speedrun attempt by just 0.03 of a second, non-racist gamer Candice Mathis lost control and sculpted a 7-ton bronze statue of Confederate Lieutenant General Bedford Forrest, a founding member of the KKK who oversaw the cold and deliberate massacre of surrendering black soldiers during the capture of Fort Pillow in Tennessee in 1864 (Mathis would later go on to describe the statue as ‘satire’).

5. He’s only human!

During a particularly intense Iron Man playthrough of XCOM, gamer Calton Mitchell lost his favourite sniper to a particularly cheap shot from the enemy AI. Unable to hold back his perfectly understandable and normally non-racist rage during this heated gaming moment, Mitchell immediately picked up the phone and authorised the sale of $6 billion in arms to Israel so that they could continue to massacre the Palestinian civilians whose land they illegally occupy. Are we really going to condemn him for a simple mistake?

6. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

Fighting game enthusiast and non-racist Lindsay Anderson was only one hit away from beating her brother at Street Fighter V when he pulled out some insanely cheesy combo shit with new character Menat and completely wiped the floor with her. We’re sure you’ll sympathise when you learn that Anderson reacted by carefully and knowingly approving a series of long-term infrastructure projects like deliberately low bridges which made the waterfront area of the city inaccessible to buses, a decision designed to make it difficult if not impossible for poor black people to visit the rich areas of town. Lindsay, come on mate – what are you doing???

7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Gamer Kyle Boyd was only three pixels away from a perfect run in Super Meat Boy, and the stress of missing the final jump was the straw that broke the camel’s back for this extremely non-racist gamer. Overcome by rage, Boyd did what any normal person would do in the circumstances and burst into his local Chinese take-away shop, pulling his eyelids tight and shouting “me so solly” over and over again in a normal, perfectly understandable way which anybody could sympathise with and forgive. Don’t we all feel like doing that kind of normal thing sometimes because of video games?

Have you had a heated gaming moment? Share your understandable and non-racist meltdown in the comments below!

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