Birth Of Game Designer’s First Child Coincidentally Related To Great New Idea For Game With Gruff Dad Protagonist

Local game designer Glen Phelps is ready to pitch several new game ideas, all of which coincidentally involve the simultaneous pride and terror of parenthood, something he himself is unrelatedly experiencing now that he has his first child.

Phelps, who up until this point was working on a design document for “I don’t know, some kind of spaceship thing,” told Point & Clickbait that he now felt the market was – by a complete coincidence to circumstances in his own life – really ready for a game featuring a gruff dad protagonist.

“I think what everyone’s crying out for right now is some kind of game where you play a father figure of some kind, possibly to a young girl… and you need to do violent stuff, really violent stuff, to protect her, which makes you strong and valid” said Phelps, staring down at his newborn daughter for no reason.

“Really, just… really violent stuff,” he continued his eyes far away.

“I’m still developing some of the finer details,” Phelps elaborated. “For example, perhaps the child could be a son, and the father teaches him stuff about…. swords. Or something. That could be cool. I think a lot of people, although not me, could relate to that.”

Although he is not a concept artist, Phelps has helpfully already begun sketching out the hero of his new “completely original” concept. Documents seen by Point & Clickbait show a muscular, bearded figure, wearing a gruff expression on his scarred (but not too scarred so as to be unattractive to a woman) face, as he stands in front of a non-descript child of some kind.

“As you can see, he is absolutely ready to protect that child, probably with really cool violence,” Phelps explained.

“I don’t know where this idea came from, but I think the market’s ready for something like this, finally. It’s finally time to explore this concept.”

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