Game Reviewers Respond To Bethesda, Publish HD Remasters Of Original Skyrim Reviews

In keeping with Bethesda’s new review policy of refusing to provide anybody except enthusiastic YouTubers with advance copies of games, reviewers are responding by polishing and re-releasing their original Skyrim reviews.

The HD remasters of the reviews include larger fonts, better aliasing, improved readability, and all the reviews of all the DLC as well. Any site users who have read the previous review are entitled to read the newer remaster for free.

“We feel this is a fair compromise,” argued Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo, as he selected all the text in the document and jacked the font up to 72.

“This really gives the readers a great idea of what to expect: the same thing all over again, but bigger.”

IGN reviews editor Dan Stapleton, who has modded his review to turn all verbs into nouns, agrees.

“It’s clear that Bethesda values media reviews, and we value our relationship with Bethesda.”

“That’s why we’ve printed out our Skyrim: Special Edition review several days before launch and handed it to a popular YouTuber, who will ask us all what is up and then read it out in a wacky voice.”

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