Five Great Multiplayer Games to Play With Your Friends Who Don’t Know The Awful Truth About the Things You’ve Done

When you carry a secret – one that you must protect with your life – it’s important to find ways to keep your mind occupied. You can’t dwell, day and night, on the horrifying things you did, or focus solely on the extraordinary burden of your unparalleled guilt – sometimes you just want to chill out and play some games! Here are our top picks for five of the best multiplayer games to play with the people who naively believe that they know the ‘real’ you!

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is one of the best party games out there, as it’s easy for anyone to pick up and play. Your friends might give you some side eye when you hit them with a blue shell, but you know that it’s nothing compared to how they’d look at you if they truly knew who you are – if they even could look at you, that is. When you die, and your ashes are buried as deep as the cemetery will allow, you’ll leave a cryptic note asking for the earth to be salted so that nothing can grow there. Nobody can know why. We recommend picking Wario – he offers the best combination of speed and power!

Overcooked 2

You find that your sense of taste has abandoned you. . The finest gourmet food turns to ash in your mouth, and you can no longer tell an orange from an onion. In lieu of penance, your body rebels against you. Still, you don’t need a sophisticated palette, or even the basic humanity that would have prevented you from carrying out your unspeakable tasks, to enjoy this hilarious restaurant-based party game with your mates!

Rocket League

One day you came home and your partner was gone. All of their things went with them. When you tried to call their number was disconnected, and they deleted all their social media accounts. You don’t know how they found out, but you know that when your friends came around to play Rocket League – an excellent party game for driving and soccer fans alike! – you told them that it was a mutual decision.

Diablo 3

You tried confession. Before you were even halfway done, you heard the priest sobbing in the cubicle next to you. You got up and left, knowing the absolution was impossible, and from outside the church you could hear the freshly broken man’s wailing. That night the church burned down, and the priest was never seen again. You face down the Devil every single day now – so why not do it with your friends by your side? Blizzard keeps updating the game with new leaderboards every season – if only your own deeds could be so easily reset.

Rock Band 4

Good luck getting someone to play bass, though!

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