Ubisoft Scrambles As The Division 2 is Sworn Into Congress

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has made history today as the first videogame to be sworn into the United States Senate, despite being, we’re assured, fiercely and truly apolitical.

Although it was developed in Sweden, the game has been voted in as a senator for the state of Washington, running as an independent. It’s not entirely clear how this happened, but the game has already indicated its willingness to take a strong stance on “all sorts of issues, no matter how contentious or controversial”.

The game is said to already be drafting several bills and has promised to announce a strong, although as yet unclear, stance on gun control and weapon regulation.

“We expect the game to come down hard on what it’s referring to as ‘purple drops’”, one insider told us confidentially. “Whether it believes there are too many or too few, I couldn’t say for sure.” Political pundits are keeping a close eye out for the game’s next set of patch notes for more details.

Despite all of this, Ubisoft’s representatives have doubled down on their promise that The Division 2 is not a political game. “Its admission into the US congress does not mean that the game has a strong political message or stance”, said Ubisoft spokesperson Warren Flaps.

“In fact, I would say that to call the current American system of government inherently ‘political’, in the traditional sense of the word, is to give it too much credit; in my opinion-“, he continued, before immediately being fired.

If you’re a citizen of Washington and wish to contact your new senator, you can do so through UPlay.

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