Local Apex Legends Player And Free Speech Supporter Rapidly Revising His Opinion On Two Things

Local man Blenry Chunt, host of the multi-subscriber YouTube channel “Chunt Gaming Truth Blast Apex Legends Gaming News & Reviews HD Gaming”, today announced to his fans that he is no longer supporting Apex Legends, and may also be reconsidering his position on the sacred and intrinsic right to freedom of speech as well.

Chunt’s double-backflip on the foundational issues of his complicated personality comes in the wake of a series of explosive posts made by Apex Legends developers on the community subreddit, where the embattled development team revealed that they actually don’t enjoy it when people like Chunt call them and their children “shit idiot morons”.

Now Chunt, whose most famous video titled “The Apex Legends Developers Are Shit Idiot Morons” has been viewed an astonishing nine times – originally it was twelve, but he needed to re-upload the video after he realised he accidentally was sitting on the microphone while recording the voiceover on the first one – says that clearly he has been wrong “about a few things”.

“Of course nobody likes to be insulted. Nobody likes it when things get personal,” Chunt told Point & Clickbait in an exclusive interview conducted via a series of unsolicited DMs on Twitter. “But that’s exactly what the Apex Legends developers did. By making some of the optional cosmetic items too expensive, they insulted me personally.”

“It’s exactly the same thing as coming into my house and spitting in my face,” he continued, sending and then hastily deleting a blurry picture of his penis which was intended for “someone else hotter,” then, seemingly by accident, sending through another, different, penis.

“Respawn should have expected this when they set those cosmetic item prices the way they did. Just like a normal person might see a really expensive handbag through a store window and get really angry and run into the store and call the person working behind the counter a shit idiot moron. You wouldn’t do it. That’s why there are no expensive handbags available for sale in stores,” the up and coming influencer told us. “Rest assured, the thumbnail for my next video about this is going to depict me looking EXTREMELY angry.”

Perhaps the biggest learning experience in the whole process for Chunt has been testing his commitment to freedom of speech, something he is now thinking of abandoning altogether.

In fact Chunt, who previously and breathily called himself a “diehard defender of the absolute right to free speech, which is my absolute protected right as an Australian, because of all the easily offended people that there are a lot of noawadays especially on college campuses probably,” says he now supports calls for developers to shut their stupid faces and do what they are told.

“The idea of putting restrictions on free speech is disgraceful to me,” said Chunt.

“But I also think that game developers who wish to speak to me should know their place and think about all of the money I was planning to spend on their free game one day,” he clarified, before accidentally sending and then deleting a third, entirely different picture of another crooked, slime-encrusted penis.

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