51 Movies You Absolutely, Urgently Must Watch Right Now On Disney+

Disney+ is upon us, and we throb with desire for this rich new vein of content. We shudder and surge with glee at the mere thought of diving into its meaty catalogue, swimming around in it like the iconic character of Scrooge McDuckⓇ. But how do you pick between hundreds of quality movies when time is finite, and the spectre of death looms over all of us, threatening to strike us down? Here are 51 movies that might temporarily stave off your misery if you let them into your life!

  1. The Tolerant Posse Of Zach, Cody, And Sweet Mary Adams
  2. Davy Crockett 3000: He’s In Space Now
  3. That’s Mildly Raven
  4. Donald Duck And The Brutal Ritual Of Baar-Uk-Duu
  5. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Nobody Mentions Johnny Depp
  6. The Avengers Listen To The Police
  7. Goof Troop, But In A Loop
  8. Inspector Gadget & The Mighty Ducks: We Own The Rights To Both Of These So Why Not
  9. A Thinly-Veiled Advertisement For Disney World Aimed Directly At Your Highly Impressionable Child
  10. Girls Can Buy Action Figures Too!
  11. Star Wars: Jedi Tales: Coruscant Adventures: Saga Of The Sarlaac: The Great Pod Race IV
  12. Sally Carruthers Smothers Five Brothers
  13. Lizzie Maguire Does Her Taxes
  14. War! Nice!
  15. Juvenile Detention Center Musical!
  16. Hannah Montanah Dreams Big But Not So Big As To Upset The Established Power Structure
  17. The Caricature That Saved Christmas
  18. Murder Mountain: Drenched In Blood (PG Edit)
  19. Ninja The Streaming Guy, For Some Reason
  20. The Extraordinary Life Of Johnny Borsch, The Boy Who’s Good At Engraving
  21. Lilo The Snitch: Maximum Security Adventures
  22. Untitled Whitewashed Sports Project
  23. Mary Poppins: Knife Fight
  24. Henk McDuffins & The Guffin Puffins
  25. Star Wars Presents: Ice-Dispensing Droid II: The Slow Rise Of Kovaks
  26. Flubber 2: A Grotesque And Unethical CGI Resurrection Of Robin Williams (RIP)
  27. Other People Are People Too And Other Bare Minimums
  28. Marvin Marsupial IV: The Marching-Time Massacre At Marzipan Manor (Starring Marshmallow Moose As Martin Mancini)
  29. Song Of The South II: Some Corrections
  30. Art Spigelman’s Mickey Maus
  31. Freakless Friday
  32. LEGO Davy Crockett 3000
  33. Marvel’s Team Hero Force: Ultimate Squadron Force Squad
  34. Timon & Pumbaa At The Drive Thru
  35. From The African Plains To Drowning In Some River The Crew Dumped You In: A Lion’s Tale
  36. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame III: The Hunchback Hunches Back
  37. Spooky Stories For Comfortable White Children
  38. Literally Just 97 Minutes Of Captain America Trying To Unlock His Phone
  39. The Rocketeer But It’s Just A Gratuitous Partnership With SpaceX Paid For By Elon Musk
  40. Old-Timey Racism: The Musical!
  41. We Realised The Wizard Of Oz Is Kind Of Feminist So We Remade It
  42. The Muppets Seize The Eastern Front
  43. Judy Gnash And The Absurd Dog That Was Much Too Big
  44. A Live-Action Remake Of, Oh I Don’t Know, Piglet’s Big Movie
  45. Jeff Goldblum Presents: Monopolies Are Good, Actually
  46. New Yeller
  47. They Shoot Robots That Look Like Horses, Don’t They?
  48. We Paid David Attenborough Six Billion Dollars To Explain The Dagobah Wildlife In An Excruciatingly Long Piece Of Product Placement
  49. Coco Califax The Cuddly Taipan (not available in Australia)
  50. Air Bud Gets His Dick Out
  51. Iron Man 2