WTF! PlayStation and Xbox Just Tweeted At Each Other And Now We Love Late Capitalism

An historic summit occurred today on Twitter as the official accounts for two major gaming rivals briefly acknowledged each other’s existence.

On Friday morning, the official Twitter account for PlayStation tweeted a playful, coquettish ‘u up?’ at the official Xbox account. 19 minutes later, Xbox responded in kind, saying: ‘sup?’

The exchange has been retweeted over 150 thousand times with such uniform positivity that the phrase “this is everything” continues to trend globally. The two companies have been lauded for putting their differences aside in the middle of a vicious, brutal console war and improving the lives of all who witnessed it.

“It’s so humbling to see my friends Xbox and Sony chatting like this”, popular streamer cronch_boner tweeted. “Today we are all gamers.”

Life-changing interactions such as these are a rare reminder that brands aren’t just made up of people who are roughly organised into a pyramidical social structure whereby a person’s importance and value is dictated not by the worth and contribution of their work efforts but rather by the arbitrary titles they are assigned to denote their ability to make decisions that will affect the wellbeing of those lower on the chain whose toil produces the blood ultimately necessary to grease the cogs of oppressive systems that stand only to benefit those same people who were lucky enough to be born into one of the increasingly shrinking pool of families with intergenerational wealth. Brands are people

We reached out to PlayStation’s social media manager for comment; we’ll update when she finishes up at her night job and has a free moment to respond.

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