EA Announces Star Wars-Themed Corkboard And Pins To Keep Track Of All The Star Wars Games They Have And Have Not Cancelled

Electronic Arts is trying to win back disillusioned gamers with a bold new move: releasing a special Star Wars-themed corkboard and pin set which will make it easier to see which Star Wars games are still in development, and which have been cancelled.

The new package, which will retail at local GameStops for $59.99 (or digitally through Origin) comes with index cards for cool-sounding project names like ‘Orca’ and ‘Ragtag’, as well as some that have not leaked to the general public yet such as ‘Plorbo’ and ‘Gleebneeb’.

“Fans of the EA Star Wars license will love the authentic experience of arranging the cards on the corkboard, tying bits of them together with string, frowning slightly and throwing some of then in the bin,” reads the press release.

“We are also planning to release additional ‘un-cancellation’ DLC, which adds a whole new gameplay experience where gamers can fish the cards out of the bin and re-pin them after we announce something like ‘Codename Snapdick has been re-activated’.”

Initial feedback from the gaming community has been positive, with YouTuber Terence ‘ReasonRants’ Walsh suggesting that he would support the move as long as EA guaranteed that the corkboard did not come with loot boxes. “Other than that, it appears they are finally putting the exclusive Star Wars license to good use,” Walsh suggested as he pre-ordered two copies.

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