Call of Duty: Infinite War Will Show Players A World Where Call Of Duty Releases Never End

A grim, brutal future of endless warfare awaits Call of Duty players this November, and every other November after that until the heat death of the universe, with Activision confirming their plans to  supply war on an “indefinite” basis.

This year’s title, Infinite War, has been confirmed by Activision as both the name of their new game and the name of their plan for Call of Duty releases moving forwards.  Infinite War will be set in the distant future and feature “endless sci-fi war” between “different military factions”.

In a statement to Point & Clickbait, Activision confirmed that the setting for Infinite Warfare will be “broadly representative” of what the world will look like if they are allowed to continue unchecked.

“What we’re asking players to imagine is a world where year after year we are allowed, or even encouraged, to get away with this shit,” explained the statement.

“Endless releases of the Gun Shooty Man. Yearly marketing campaigns with budgets that exceed the gross domestic product of most third world nations. People being herded at gun-point to their local GameStop by the police, forced to pre-order a Hardened Adamantium Black Tier Day Negative One Edition.”

“That’s the sort of dystopian nightmare scenario we’re proposing in Infinite War. And the best part is that there’s nothing players can do to escape it.”

“What are you going to do, pre-order Battlefield instead? Ha ha ha ha ha ha,” the statement concluded.

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