Local Peasant Struggles To Get On With Life As Entire Civilization Rebooted For The Sixth Time

Hard working peasant Goodman Higgins was seen to be sighing wearily today as he learned that the entirety of his life would need to be rebooted once more.

“Every time I think ‘I’ll be used to it by now’, but I never am,” griped Higgins, as he leaned on a fence post and watched mounted cavalry racing past, transforming part-way down the road into motorised vehicles and then into spaceships.

“I expect when I get home my little shack will have become a university, or maybe a bloody statue of Nega-Zeus or something.  Two years ago my wife came back from town and she’d been transformed into some kind of squid alien. That was a rough conversation, I don’t mind telling you.”

The changes are affecting more than just the field-working scum class of society, with accurate historical figure Space Emperor Gandhi reportedly outraged that all of the time he spent building up his country’s military power has been wasted.

“This was supposed to assure me an easy victory,” snarled Gandhi as he rammed the shotgun barrel into the mouth of his closest advisor, shattering the man’s teeth. “Why didn’t you tell me culture was going to be the way to go?”

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