Microsoft “Hoping You Would Tell Us” What Windows 10 Game Mode Is Supposed To Do

A sheepish Microsoft has admitted that the reason they have remained so vague about the upcoming Windows 10 “Game Mode” is because they “don’t really know” what it’s meant to do.

“We were hoping you would tell us, honestly,” said a Microsoft spokesperson, their eyes desperately avoiding those of anyone else in the room.

“Does it… does it help with frame rates?” asked one journalist.

“Yes! YES,” blurted the relieved Microsoft representative. “Frame rates. It helps with those. Absolutely it makes them, uh…”


“That’s the one. Faster. The frame rates will be faster. Guaranteed. Gamers want those faster frame rates and Windows 10 Game Mode delivers. Absolutely. We built it from the ground up to do whatever you just said. It will revolutionise the experience of, of that.”

The same spokesperson also outlined that Windows 10 Game Mode would work with “uhh…. some?” titles, and that gamers could expect it to launch “in the future. Definitely in the future.”

“For games.”

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