PUBG Announces Ominous New ‘IRL’ Map, Encourages Players To “Prepare”

Bluehole Entertainment are continuing to lead the way in multiplayer gaming, and fans are sure to be thrilled with the introduction of the new ‘IRL’ map – what lead developer Brendan Greene calls “the most intense PUBG experience yet”.

According to Greene, what makes the new ‘IRL’ map different from the current map of the Russian island of Erangel is that this one could be set “anywhere, at any time, without warning”.

“We’re talking about a new kind of interactive hunting experience, one that’s never been tried before,” explained Greene during a press conference, as he carefully applied camouflage paint to his face and re-checked the ammunition on his rifle.

“The technology for geo-locating a user based on their Steam account has really come along in leaps and bounds. When you combine this with a fleet of private helicopters and an in-office betting pool based on scalping, the new ‘IRL’ map really offers a fantastic opportunity for randomised gameplay we just can’t get anywhere else.”

PUBG players remain cautiously optimistic, with some suggesting that the ‘IRL’ map seems “ominously vague”. “Is this mysterious ‘new map’ really necessary?” asked one PUBG streamer. “Shouldn’t Bluehole be spending time on things like getting vaulting working?”

Greene says that he sympathises with that concern, and suggests that players “simply be patient”.

“But just because vaulting doesn’t work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run,” added Greene, strapping a knife to his belt. “The IRL map isn’t any fun if you aren’t running.”

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