Blizzard Settles On Plan To Make Roadhog Overpowered Every Second Month

Overwatch developers have struggled since launch to come up with the right balance for Roadhog, but now believe they have hit on the perfect solution: alternating between an ‘overpowered’ and ‘underpowered’ version every other month.

“First the players told us they didn’t like it when Roadhog could instantly kill almost every other hero in the game in one hit,” explained game director Jeff Kaplan. “Then they told us they didn’t like it when he couldn’t do that.”

“Now we’re thinking – what if he could do both? We think you guys are going to have some real fun with this one.”

Starting in August, Roadhog’s recent nerfs will be rolled back, creating an unstoppable monster who is a mandatory pick in competitive play. Then, beginning on September 1, Roadhog will be nerfed again.

Kaplan explained if the decision – which was “largely driven by forum post feedback” – proved successful, other heroes may soon be treated to the same level of “flexible balancing”.

“We’re thinking Genji might be only able to double-jump on weekends… and we’re also playing around with the idea of Symmetra being removed from the game entirely except from the hours of 2-3 PM on weekdays.”

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