Tech Leaders Urge Stranded Migrant Children To Develop Viral Apps

As the United States senate hosts a wide-ranging discussion on the fate of immigrant children in the country, tech leaders have taken the unprecedented step of calling on all children uncertain of their future to immediately begin coding viral apps.

Under the bold new vision, children whose parents are about to be deported may be able to draw attention to their plight by coming up with what tech leaders call “a real game-changer of an app”.

“Here in the tech community we believe that anybody has the ability to make a difference,” explained Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “Dreaming big, and thinking outside of the box, is what Silicon Valley is all about.”

“Worried you might never see your family again? Gamify that experience,” said Zuckerberg. “That emotional connection could be the difference between your app hitting the top 10, or your app disappearing forever.”

Eight year-old Michelle Fowler, whose parents are about to be deported back to Argentina, says that she hopes her app is good enough to demonstrate her basic human dignity.

“I miss my mommy and daddy,” Fowler explained, before bursting into tears in what a nearby Jeff Bezos enthusiastically described as an “entrepreneurial fashion”.

The move is being backed by the Democratic party, who have labelled their Republican counterparts “heartless” for threatening to deport children who could, one day, develop the next “Apple or whatever”.

“It is absurd and frankly racist to try and deport these children who have committed no crime, especially when they are just about to start learning to code,” commented a spokesperson for the Democrats.

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