To Delight Of Everyone Nearby, Local Man Updates His Personal Star Wars Movie Rankings

Fresh out of seeing the latest Star Wars movie, local man Boyd Davis has delighted all of his friends by ranking the movies in order from best to worst.

Davis’ keen analysis began shortly after the credits rolled and continued into the car park of the cinema complex, covering all the Star Wars movies from the prequels (which he hates) to the original trilogy (which are perfect) to the newer Disney-owned releases.

The detailed ranking system and structure was welcomed by Davis’ friends, the cinema staff, and a passing security guard, all of whom agreed that it was “certainly comprehensive” and “loud”.

Davis then returned home, where he immediately updated his Facebook friends on the new rankings, and prepared himself for another three weeks of discussing his reasons and motivations.

“I love Star Wars,” Davis explained as he put the finishing touches on his twelfth forum post for the evening about the subject. “It’s an incredible, imaginary universe where anything could happen.”

“Of course, sometimes certain things shouldn’t happen in the imaginary universe, which means that those films just aren’t as good as the others. I think if I had to rank them, I would sa

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